JavaFX Script Media ExampleEdit

It is a compiler version of Enabling Video Files in JavaFX Applications example.

The sample requires Java Media Framework (JMF) library.

import javafx.ui.*;
import javafx.ui.canvas.*;
import javafx.ui.animation.*;


import java.awt.Component;
import java.awt.FlowLayout;
import java.awt.BorderLayout;
import javax.swing.JPanel;
import javax.swing.JComponent;


import java.lang.System;

public class JavaWidget extends Widget{
    attribute comp: Component;
    protected function createComponent():JComponent{
        var panel = new JPanel();
        return panel;

public class MediaNode extends CompositeNode {
    attribute xpos: Number;
    attribute ypos: Number;
    attribute url: String;
    attribute autoPlay: Boolean;
    public function composeNode(): Node{
        Manager.setHint(Manager.LIGHTWEIGHT_RENDERER, true);
        var player = Manager.createRealizedPlayer(new URL(url));
        if (autoPlay) {
        return Group{
            content: View{
                content: BorderPanel{
                    center: JavaWidget { comp: player.getVisualComponent() }
                    bottom: JavaWidget { comp: player.getControlPanelComponent() }
            transform: Transform.translate(xpos, ypos)
            onMouseDragged: function(e: CanvasMouseEvent) {
                xpos += e.localDragTranslation.x;
                ypos += e.localDragTranslation.y;

Frame {
    title: 'Media Example'
    width: 400
    height: 300
    onClose: function() { System.exit(0); }
    content: Canvas {
        content: [
            xpos: 0.0
            ypos: 0.0
            url: "" 
            autoPlay: true

            xpos: 100.0
            ypos: 100.0
            opacity: 0.5
            url: "" 
            autoPlay: true
    visible: true

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