The OpenJF compiler is a pure Java application that is continually built using open source tools. This page describes how to download the latest compiler build instead of building it on your system.System RequirementsJRE 6.Download and Install the Latest OpenJFX Compiler BuildDownload the latest OpenJFX Compiler build. This currently is in a file named this file into a directory on your system.Set the PATH environment variable to include the archive/openjfx-compiler/dist/bin subdirectory of the directory into which you expanded the file.Unix/Linux/Cygwin/MacOSX users currently need to run the following command in the archive/openjfx-compiler/dist/bin directory:chmod ugo+x javafxc javafxNote: The OpenJFX Compiler Project team is soon going to create an easier download and installation process, which will also take up less space on your system.Back to OpenJFX Compiler

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