This is a simple example showing "Hello World" centered on a fullscreen frame

Preview SDK version

package javafxapplication1;

import javafx.ui.*;
import javafx.ui.canvas.*;
import javafx.ui.filter.*;
import java.awt.Toolkit;

Frame {
    var s = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize()
    title: "Hello"
    undecorated: true
    background: Color.WHITE
    width: s.width
    height: s.height
    content: Canvas {
        var text:Text
            text = Text {
            x: (s.width / 2) - (text.currentWidth / 2)
            y: (s.height / 2) - (text.currentHeight / 2)
            content: "Hello World! {s.width} x {s.height}"
            font: Font 
                    face: FontFace.VERDANA,  style: [ FontStyle.ITALIC,  FontStyle.BOLD], size: 60

    visible: true

JavaFX SDK 1.2

package com.jfx.wikia;

import javafx.scene.Scene;
import javafx.stage.Stage;
import javafx.scene.paint.Color;
import javafx.stage.Screen;
import javafx.scene.text.Text;import javafx.scene.text.Font;

var text:Text = bind Text {
 content: "Hello World! {%5.0f Screen.primary.visualBounds.width} x {%5.0f Screen.primary.visualBounds.height}"
 font: Font {
  name: "Verdana Bold Italic"
  size: 24
Stage { 
 fullScreen: true 
 scene: Scene { 
     fill: Color.WHITE
  content: [ 

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