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This is a simple example about using asserts by Christopher Oliver, 24-May-2007 on Orangevolt that works in JFXPad.

To do something with an assertion you use "assert" triggers:

trigger on not assert assertion {
    throw "Assertion failed: {assertion}";

trigger on assert assertion {
    println("Assertion passed: {assertion}");

var a = [1,2];
assert sizeof a == 2;
assert sizeof a == 1;

compile thread: Thread[AWT-EventQueue-0,6,main]
compile 0.0060
Assertion passed: Assertion {description: [] sourceURL: 'file:/Users/coliver/javafx/trunk/assert.fx' lineNumber: 10 assertion: 'sizeof a == 2' result: true}
uncaught FX exception: 'Assertion failed: Assertion {description: [] sourceURL: 'file:/Users/coliver/javafx/trunk/assert.fx' lineNumber: 11 assertion: 'sizeof a == 1' result: false}'
at throw "Assertion failed: {assertion}"; ("file:/Users/coliver/javafx/trunk/assert.fx", Line 2)

You can have multiple such triggers. Also you can pass a description of the assertion like this:

assert sizeof a == 1 : "This should fail: size = {sizeof a}";

The object passed to your trigger is an instance of the Assertion class which looks like this

public class Assertion {
    public attribute description: String*;
    public attribute sourceURL: String?;
    public attribute lineNumber: Number;
    public attribute assertion: String;
    public attribute result: Boolean;

The value after the ":" in the assert statement (which may be a list of trings) will be assigned to the description attribute of the assertion bject passed to your triggers.

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