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Summary Edit

Source: OpenJFX Users mailing list.

The following JavaFX code shows how AJAX-like behavior can be performed. The GUI remains responsive while the URL-fetch is performed.

Code Edit

import javafx.ui.*;
import javafx.ui.canvas.*;
import java.lang.StringBuffer;
import java.lang.Math;

// read a text file from an http server;

operation getResourceAsString(urlStr: String) {
    var buf = new StringBuffer();
    do {
        var url = new URL(urlStr);
        var reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader
        while (true) {
            var line = reader.readLine();
            if (line == null) {
    return buf.toString();

class Model {
    attribute location: String;
    attribute content: String;
    operation update();

operation Model.update() {
    content = "Loading {location}...";
    try {
        content = getResourceAsString(location);
    } catch (e) {
        content = "{e}";


BorderPanel {
    var model = Model {
        location: ""
    top: GroupPanel {
        var row = Row {alignment: BASELINE}
        var col1 = Column {alignment: TRAILING}
        var col2 = Column {resizable: true}
        var col3 = Column {}
        rows: [row]
        columns: [col1, col2, col3]
        [SimpleLabel {
            row: row
            column: col1
            text: "Location: "
        TextField {
            row: row
            column: col2
            columns: 50
            value: bind model.location
            action: operation() {model.update();}
        Button {
            row: row
            column: col3
            text: "Load"
            mnemonic: L
            action: operation() {model.update();}
    center: Label {
        text: bind model.content

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